Past Events

Thank you to all who joined our FREE Virtual Wellness Retreat October 22-24, 2021. Centered around Care of People, we explored nutritious ways to nourish our bodies, holistic techniques for mental and physical wellbeing, and recreational activities to keep your brain engaged and learning.

Each offering was free to the public and you can find recordings on our Youtube or Instagram. Recommended donations were $10-$30 per class for those who were able and compelled to give. 100% of proceeds from this event went to our COVID Care Kits. COVID Care Kits include water, non-perishables, clothing, toiletries, reading/writing materials, a reusable mask, and hand sanitizer for our homeless neighbors.

Although the event has passed, you are still welcome to donate via this link. Donations received after the event go to our general fund, If you prefer your donation go to COVID Care Kits specifically, just make note of it on the donation page.

2021 Virtual Wellness
Retreat Schedule

Friday to Sunday, October 22-24

Friday, October 22 ~ Nutrition Day

  • 11 AM (all times are PST) ~ Morning Tea with Jenn on INSTAGRAM
  • 1 PM ~ Healthy Lunch Bowls with Rebeccah on TWITCH
  • 5 PM ~ Intro to Sushi Making with Rebeccah on TWITCH

Saturday, October 23 ~ Holistic Health Day

  • 10 AM ~ Yoga with Jenn on TWITCH
  • 1 PM ~ Easy Ways to Live Sustainably with Rebeccah on TWITCH
  • 5 PM ~ Meditation & Breathwork with Jenn on YOUTUBE

Sunday, October 24 ~ Recreation Day

  • 8 AM ~ Chess Basics with Matt on TWITCH
  • 11 AM ~ Propagating Houseplants with Rebeccah on TWITCH
  • Evening ~ Stardew Valley stream with Amelia on TWITCH

Thank you to our Directors for organizing this retreat and for offering their services!

Revive EcoVillage is a Washington State nonprofit organization and registered charity. Unfortunately, donations to us are not considered tax exempt until we are approved as a 501(c)(3). Thank you for your support!