Land Acknowledgement

While our organization has not yet acquired any land, we hope to in the future. It is imperative to us that we not only acknowledge but also respect and work with the Indigenous Peoples whom such land was stolen from. We commit ourselves to creating and maintaining relationships with Indigenous leaders and community members in an effort to be transparent in our work while also fostering a culture of reparative justice.

Much of our community work takes place in Seattle, which is on Duwamish land. There are many other tribes in our area including the Snohomish, Snoqualmie, Tulalip, and Muckleshoot. Before any land purchase is made, our Board of Directors pledge to connect with and learn from the Duwamish people and anyone else who has Indigenous history on such land. The Board shall not permit purchase of any land which is contested by the Duwamish or other tribes or any land which negatively affects or restricts their water rights or access.

“I would like to acknowledge that we are on the traditional land
of the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People past and present and
honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe.”

If you live on Duwamish land, please visit their Real Rent site. Our Board has promised that any property acquisition plan will include monthly funds to whatever local tribe or tribes the land was stolen or coerced from.

Finally, as our organization continually learns, unlearns, and grows, we are shaped by those in (and outside of our community) who are willing to speak up and help us in this process. If you have feedback about how we can better serve your demographic or community, please Share With Us.

Here are some more resources pertaining to Land Acknowledgement, local tribes, and the colonization in our region: