How You Can Help during the California Wildfires

As most of you already know, extreme wildfires are rampaging through California and are quickly closing in on Los Angeles. These natural disasters, likely exacerbated by climate change, have already devastated parts of California. People are losing their homes, their belongings, and their spirit.

At The Landerholmstead, we keep in mind that our country faces a massive homelessness crisis, and our goal is to protect the lives of that specific population. We already know these fires have made the homelessness issue in the northern part of the state even worse, and now it could have the same effect on the rest of California.

According to CBS News, there are about 55,000 homeless people in LA alone, which is up 16,000 from the year prior, and around 80% of them don’t have access to shelters — meaning they are sleeping on the streets.

With the potential circumstance of the fires reaching the city, it is important to remember this extremely vulnerable faction of citizens who need all the help they can get. Here are some ways you can help:


If you are financially able, try donating to these organizations who are working tirelessly to help during this crisis:

United Way of Ventura County

The American Red Cross of Ventura County, or text REDCROSS to 90999

Direct Relief – Be sure to choose “Southern California Wildfires”

Salvation Army – They are also taking food and water donations locally.

If you’re local, join a CERT program.

Volunteers are trained to respond safely, responsibly, and effectively to emergency situations, like natural disasters, through these local training programs. While you may not be able to help out immediately, you will be equipped for the next strike of wildfires or other natural disasters.

– LAFD program:

– Ventura County:

– Santa Barbara County:

– San Diego:

We at The Landerholmstead are thinking of all those affected by the wildfires.

Do you know other good places to donate/volunteer? Let us know in the comments or via our Facebook page.

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